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We have the following products available:


Snail Caviar  -  Sturgeon Caviar  -  Flying Fish Roe  -  Salmon Roe  -

Lumpfish Eggs  -  Snail products  -  Caviar Set  -  Mother of Pearl spoon  -


Snail Caviar

This is our leading product, the Caviar d'escargot.

Experience a delicate flavour, surprising new sensations; the small mellow spheres from snail caviar will burst on your palate into a bloom of subtle flavours.

snail eggs

15g Snail Caviar jar

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30g Snail Caviar tin

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50g Snail Caviar tin

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125g Snail Caviar tin

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250g Snail Caviar tin

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(Shelf Life: 15g & 30g is 3 months, 50g, 125g & 250g is 4 months)


This "De Jaeger Coffret" kit allows to prepare the first booklet's recipe: snail caviar with ginger oil!

This new gourmets' pleasure contains:

- a 30g or 50g Snail Caviar tin

- a five recipe suggestions booklet to amaze your guests' taste buds

- a ginger oil vial

- a chilli Espelette vial

- a bamboo spatula


30g Snail Caviar Coffret

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50g Snail Caviar Coffret

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Sturgeon Caviar

We have the pleasure to offer you 3 types of Sturgeon Caviar.

1. Sturgeon Caviar Osciètre Classic 


2. Sturgeon Caviar Osciètre royale sélection* : French Farmed Caviar (Aquitaine region).

*Sélection : regularity of grain, color and maturity.

This caviar will satisfy the ones in the know..


3. Sturgeon Caviar Top Sélection : from farms in natural lakes.
The quality and texture resemble the one from the wild Sturgeons

It's a caviar for the connoisseurs.

Sturgeon Caviar Oscietra CLASSIC 30g élevage

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Sturgeon Caviar Oscietra CLASSIC 50g élevage

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Sturgeon Caviar Oscietra royale sélection 30g contact us

Sturgeon Caviar Oscietra royale sélection 50g

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Sturgeon Caviar TOP SELECTION 30g

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Sturgeon Caviar TOP SELECTION 50g

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Flying Fish Roe

The exotic eggs

These are the most exotic fish eggs, bright green and flavored with wasabi (very strong Japanese mustard to which horseradish was added to make the eggs more tender).


Not excessively salty or even very gentle, it loves sushi - its crunchyness creates harmony with the appetizers' softness  - and other Japanese preparations. It goes in sauces, salad dressings for a touch of color and texture. Better yet, unlike "true" caviar, it does not change texture when heated or immersed in boiling liquid.


Composition : Flying fish eggs 70%, oeufs de hareng 30%, fructose, sirop de mais, sauce de soja, extrait de raifort, sel, monosodium de glucose, sucre, extrait d'algue, colorant E102 et E133.

Shelf Life: 12 weeks.

Flying Fish Eggs (Wasabi Green) 80g

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Salmon Roe

The "pearls of fire"

Let yourself be captured by these pearls of Fire


You will first feels the creaminess of the salmon eggs, then the pearls burst under your palate, releasing their fine iodised juice.


On its own or accompanied by a horseradish cream, salmon caviar can be eaten without moderation.

Salmon Roe 50g                  

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Salmon Roe 100g

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Salmon Roe 500g                 OUT OF STOCK

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Lumpfish Eggs

The buffets essentials

Lumpfish eggs are very small egg, the size of a pinhead.

The lump lay tiny eggs that are harvested after laying. They are washed, salted and left to ripen, and then just sold pasteurized semi-preserved ". They are colored in red (Amarante) or black (Black Gloss).

They are essential for buffets, spreaded on toast bread decorated with a burst of lemon. You can also add some creme fraiche.



Lumpfish eggs black or red 100g

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Lumpfish eggs black or red 500g             OUT OF STOCK contact us



Tapenade d'escargot

Escargotine Traditionnel or Provençal

Escargotine traditional:
Snail Tapenade garlic parsley butter spread on warm toast

Escargotine Provencal
Snail Tapenade Sundried Tomato Oregano spread on hot toast.

We have a limited stock of escargotine provencal.
Delivery might take up to a week.

Escargotine traditionnel

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Escargotine provençal

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Escargots Cuits

Raised in the DE JAEGER Farm.

Cooked Escargots.
Weight 250g (about 5 dozens).
Ready for your préparations


We have a limited stock for this product.
Delivery might take up to a week.

250g of cooked escargots

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Caviar Set & Mother of Pearl Spoon

The utensil & dish you cannot do without

Did you know?


If you use a metal spoon with your caviar, you will create an unwanted metallic bite because metals (except gold!) oxidise and alter the caviar's flavour.

To preserve its full flavour, we recommend you use the highly renowned Mother of Pearl utensils.

Note that the caviar set only includes the metal parts (glass bowl, caviar & spoon not included)

We have a limited stock for this product.
Delivery might take up to a week.

Mother of Pearl spoon 7cm length

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Mother of Pearl spoon 11cm length

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Caviar set 50g contact us







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